colonial homes and royal typewriters

William Faulkner's residence, Rowan Oak

William Faulkner's residence, Rowan Oak

American writers sure knew how to decorate 100 years ago. Check out this article that shows us where Carl Sandburg wrote about Chicago and President Lincoln. It also shows where Emily Dickinson penned her poems, and where William Faulkner pounded out The Sound and the Fury.

The University of Mississippi preserves Faulkner’s place, Rowan Oak, in Oxford, MS. Imagine a museum dedicated to the place a writer composed. Oh, to sit in the same spot and gaze over what Faulkner saw each day. It’s like when I finally discovered the birthplace of Orson Welles long after I moved away from Kenosha. I took in the surroundings that inspired The Magnificent Ambersons.

The Temecula Valley Museum has a replica of Erle Stanley Gardner’s office. He wrote Perry Mason on a big wooden desk decorated like a hunter’s lodge. What a vast difference from writers of present. What do modern writers show for themselves? What will their homes look like 100 years from now? Will they showcase outdated lap tops, mobile phones, flat screen TVs, printers and halogen lamps?

Perhaps 100 years from now our furniture will look vintage and classy. For now I’ll enjoy the dusty typewriters, log cabins, and the colonial look.


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