botox planet: a trip to trader joe’s


The inside of a hot air balloon's envelope, se...
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two women in trader joes
collagen injected lips, cheeks, full-blown makeup
what botox planet did you come from?


this is temecula
the most exotic makeup women
wear here is chapstick

in tropical flavors

on date nights we might add a little lash tint
before we taste wine and ride
hot air balloons.

then I see them behind me in the parking lot
one inside a nail salon
their car illegally parked
the other one applies even more make-up
in the passenger seat

I have no room to back up.

my daughter says
mom stand up for yourself
and when your child says that
you don’t just

sit there.

so I get out and spot a woman with keys
I ask, is this your car?
and she says yes
it’ll be just a minute
I say I’m having a hard time backing up

so I hop back in my car
while my girls chant

I say I don’t need to do that but fume
while I watch the women
from botox planet
in my side view mirror.

I think, hey, I can just back up
and bang them in the side door
but I don’t need the hassle of
a booking on assault with a vehicle.

my girls think the trip to jail might be cool
but I’m not wearing makeup
and my mug shot will look like crap.




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