the rock’s prayer

A kindergarten girl sat at our table at the library the other day. She told us all about the books she carried around with her. She was so proud to display her tomes on High School Musical and Hannah Montana. I prayed to myself my version of the Lord’s Prayer. I call it The Rock’s Prayer:

Dear Lord, in the name of all things holy, please do not let this girl school my daughters in Disney music. Do not undo what I’ve exposed them to, from Don McLean to Simon & Garfunkel. They not only know who Joan Armatrading is, they ask I play her in the car.

May the Beatles enter into her life and may she not know what hit her. May the spirit of George Harrison float around her like a halo. And may her parents turn off that damn Nickelodeon after Spongebob.

In Rock’s name I pray. And all the children of Alan Freed say, “Amen!”


George Harrison was also the best pirate ever. I have proof:




One comment

  1. Erin · September 17, 2009

    Hahah can’t stop laughing over your lord’s prayer… I completely understand how you feel!


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