writing: it’s like a sundae

A chocolate sundaeImage via Wikipedia

Holly came up with an astute analogy on writing the other day. She said it’s like an ice cream sundae: writing is ice cream, people reading it is chocolate syrup, and getting paid is the cherry on top.

Think about it. You can enjoy the ice cream by itself by just writing. It’s even better with the toppings. But you don’t need the cherry to delight in the entire experience. I think, how does she do that? How is she on this earth for only ten years and come up with that? And why didn’t I think of it first?

Maybe when I need to discipline her I take away her books. And for that I have to thank Paula Danziger and her Amber Brown series which got Holly to not only start reading but to enjoy it. She related to the second grade character whose best friend moved away which happened to Holly in second grade also. Amber grew up but didn’t get past 4th grade because sadly Danziger passed away from a heart attack in 2004.

I mentioned to Holly that some day she could continue the Amber Brown series but she said no. Her current project is a comic book series called Die Barney, as in the purple dinosaur. I’m not sure if I’ m proud or disturbed. I’m banking on pride.


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