angel bones part 1

3920063498_fdb17e73db_o“I’m not gonna play your games anymore. After what you did I can’t stay on and I’ll probably feel a whole lot better when you’re gone.” ~The Byrds

Dead bushes and trees starve outside, left over from the previous owners. There’s a tree with dead twigs that once was a newborn. Sticks and tape surround it like at they tried to grow it into a great shade tree. I call it “Angel Bones.” It never grew up so it went to that great green nursery in heaven.

My ex-fiance came over after third shift as a cop this morning even though we broke up a week ago. He rang the doorbell at seven. I threw on my new smoke-filled Tom Petty T-shirt from the concert last night, my eye-liner smudged, hair ratted high. First time I was happy in two years. Probably because he wasn’t there.

Damn, that was an awesome concert! It was a hundred degrees. Even Petty stopped a song to say, “It’s hot up here!” My best friend and I stood while people threw stuff at us. Instead of singing Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down,” we sang, “I Won’t Sit Down.” Ice cubs fly at amazing speed. Beer flies even faster.

“I thought you wanted to terminate this relationship,” I said. That was the exact word he used – terminate. Like we had a business contract.

“Oh that? I was just kidding.”

“But you moved out.”

“I know, but…” He looks down at the paper on the coffee table. He sits and reads the sports page.

Our last date was his best friend’s wedding. He danced with the maid of honor all night long. His brother held my chair for me and pushed me in but had a little trouble. He said, “Wow! You HAVE gained weight!” I picked at my green beans as I watched my fiance and that girl dance to Rick Astley. The very first Rick Roll.

to be continued…


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