and how was your thanksgiving?

Out of all the things to forget for Thanksgiving dinner, I forgot a roasting pan. My husband Tim reminds me of this while he starts the dinner during the football game. I said, “No problem, I’ll run out and get one.” He said, “No, I can work with a baking sheet.” We use the most awesome invention ever called Reynolds Oven Bags. He said we’ll check on the turkey periodically, drain it and tie it back up and it’ll work just fine.

Meanwhile, mom stuffs potato peelings down our garbage disposal. It backed up and our sink looked like stinky potato gunk soup. So we try a plunger which makes the peelings spurt out the other drain. My dad loosens up the screws on the pipe and lets it seep out slowly. This doesn’t work so my dad and Tim take the sink apart and snake out the drain in the backyard, filling the yard up with potato peels.

While that’s happening, I notice smoke coming out of the oven. I open it and flames come out. I scream and Tim runs in from the backyard, yelling, “WHAT?” and I say “FIRE!” so he opens up the door, gets a pan, grabs the turkey, cuts a hole in the bag and lets it drain. Crisis number one averted.

Then, as Tim was about to put the sink back together, he noticed a screw missing and he asked my dad if he saw it. Dad said he drained a bucket down the toilet and Tim said, “The screw was in there.” So he had the not-so-pleasant task of searching for a screw in the toilet. Luckily, my dad went through a very unorganized tray of nuts, bolts and screws and found the perfect one. Crisis number two averted.

We saved the turkey and everything else which saved us a trip to Panda Express ala Christmas Story.

Other than that, my day was awesome! How about yours?




One comment

  1. Janelle · November 30, 2009

    Oh, we’ve had that same potato peel/garbage disposal scenario before. Makes a good story afterward but sure adds to the tension in the moment.
    Thanks for visiting my blog today via Lynne!


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