happy birthday mr. welles

Les Quatre Cents Coups

Image by Paul Lowry via Flickr


I called in to The Dennis Miller Show to draw attention to Orson Welles’ 95th birthday on Thursday May 6. He was born in a humble two-story home on the shores of Lake Michigan in quaint midwestern Kenosha, Wisconsin. The town was too small to hold the boy genius. After age 4 he bid adieu for the biggest small town, Chicago.


Miller said on the way to Vegas there’s a town called Victorville (which I’m familiar with because my dad hauled cars as a truck driver there). The story goes that Welles and Herman Mankiewicz penned Citizen Kane in the desert town of Victorville though Mankiewicz swore he was the sole author of the screenplay. This reminds me of a scene in Family Guy where Matt Damon finishes writing Good Will Hunting. Ben Affleck asks Damon to add his name to it.

Damon says, “But you didn’t contribute!”

“You want me to contribute? Here!” Then Affleck passes gas.

Regardless of who actually wrote Citizen Kane, my new favorite channel TCM showcase Welles’ films Thursday. Here is the schedule for East Coast:

11:30 am: Journey Into Fear (1942)

12:45 pm: The Tartars (1961)

2:15 pm: The Stranger (1946)

4:00 pm: The Third Man (1949)

5:45pm: Citizen Kane (1941)

That means us west-coasters need to arise early to watch the marathon. Or clear up space on our TiVos. I guess I can scratch Dancing With The Stars, how about you?


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