3 words that don’t go together: california pizza kitchen

Fresh Hot Chicago-Style Pizza

I got a coupon yesterday to visit California Pizza Kitchen. I think the only reason they stay in business is because Californians don’t know any better. It’s like taking a trip by plane and sitting in coach, never knowing there’s a better world up in first class.

The world would be a better place if California just conceded to the fact that they cannot make pizza. Your crust is dry, you burn the cheese and I don’t know what in the world makes up your toppings.

Leave it to New York, Chicago and their surrounding areas. Leave it to the family businesses who come in to their restaurants at 6 in the morning to make pizza dough and their sauce from scratch every day like the award-winning Bella’s Pizza Villa in Murrieta, CA. They’re in California but guess what? They’re from Chicago where the Italian sausage is real.

California, keep your sand and lingerie shops on Hollywood Boulevard, your hand and footprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, but leave the pizza-making up to the rest of the country.

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