countless moments of caring my foot

Band-Aid close-up

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The Band-Aid company boasts on the back of each box the story of what inspired these boo-boo savers:

In 1920, Earle Dickson, a cotton buyer for Johnson & Johnson, noticed his wife suffering from minor cuts and burns while cooking. Combining cotton with a piece of surgical tape, he created a new solution that protected her wounds, and sped their healing. His insight led to the creation of BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages.

Okay, that’s fine and good. If it wasn’t for Mr. Dickson, we’d run ’round the house searching for cotton balls and surgical tape every time Johnny skinned his knees rollerblading. But I wonder, couldn’t Mr. Dickson maybe…oh, I don’t know…told his wife to put her feet up and let her wounds heal while he cooked supper?

I can see it now:

Mrs. Dickson: Ow! Earle! I got burned by the pot-bellied stove again! My skin is peeling! Help me!

Mr. Dickson: Hmm, let me finish curling my handlebar mustache to investigate. Let’s take a looksie…well, yes, Momma, it looks like you done and gone burned your pinky finger off for the third time! Let me get this cotton and surgical tape and fix you right up.

Mrs. Dickson: Oh, Earlie, you’re such a dear. Now maybe if you can get a little snow from outside to help soothe this nasty cut…

Mr. Dickson: Oh no! I patched you up…you get back to work! That pig ain’t gonna roast hisself now, is he?

And that’s when he came up with Band-Aid’s promise: “There, for countless moments of caring!”


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