birthdays, carnivals and pumpkin murder

Inspired by the many pictorial blogs on WordPress, I thought I’d give it a try.  My favorite month of the year is October.  We celebrate a birthday, attend pumpkin patch carnivals and commit serial pumpkin murder.

We start with a birthday

And celebrate the day we met

find some weird bounce houses

ride creepy looking bunnies

pray we don't fall out

buy $5 halloween shirts from target

don cowboy hats and hold our dogs

swim in the ocean because we live in california

enjoy a jury of my pier

you get used to the water - no really, you do!

who need sunshine?

show no mercy

resistance is futile

here's MY pumpkin seeds - where's yours?

finally a soccer mom

8 good things about facebook

Facebook has completely redefined the term “friend.”  It’s like the Greeks’ definition of love.  There are 4 types: Agape (brotherly love), Eros (passionate love), Philia (friendship), and Storge (familial love).  In the Facebook world, there are also 4 types:

1.  Old friends from high school and college.

2.  Family and friends of the family.

3.  Internet friends you’ve never met in person but you truly admire.

4.  People you don’t remember but you accepted their request because you had like, 30 mutual friends.

I’ve spent the last 16 years of my life on the internet.  It started when I found people on Prodigy who, like me,  adored Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek).  At times the internet consumed me.  Other times it bored me.   Sometimes it made me laugh so hard that if I tried to explain it to anyone in the real world, it made no sense.  Other times, it left me face down in the bed crying.

But I don’t have ups and downs with Facebook.  If necessary, I can do without it but it has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible. This is why:

1.  I learned about a high school friend named Kathleen diagnosed with breast cancer.  She updates her status with Vince Lombardi quotes like this one:

I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.

2.  Another friend named Jody whose daughter lost her friend when a car struck her as she walked along a road.

3.  I followed my cousin Kim’s relationship status which blossomed into a happy wedding in Mississippi (she also provided me info about my uncle who was a World War 2 hero).

4.  Found lots of pics of me and my family at my nephew Neil’s wedding.

5.  Saw an album my brother Charlie created of our brother Bruce who passed over 2 years ago.  There were pictures imprinted in my brain and some I’d never seen before.

6.  Whenever I write an entry here, it appears under my status so I get a few more clicks.

7.  I see pics of children of my high school and college friends to see how much their young’ns look like them.

8.  My friend Becky, who I haven’t seen in 20 years, lives fairly close to me.  Now we go to the beach together with our five kids total.

So whatever your reason for Facebook time, good or bad (in my case good because I stopped watching television), look at what happened with social networking.  I bet the good outweighs the bad.

UPDATE:  One more good thing about Facebook.  I found out my very funny friend Eric met Hunter Thompson twice.  Here’s what he wrote:

First meet was through a motorcycle racer/cycle magazine buddy and it was, “Hi, this is Eric,” and we said “Hello.” Second meet was Aspen on a motorcycle trip. I pulled into the Shell gas station and he rode in on a Ducati. He was doing an article for Cycle World magazine. We briefly talked about the Ducati and I mentioned we met before. He looked at me like I was an idiot eating paste from the jar.

3 dead people I want to meet

The book My Listography: My Amazing Life in Lists asks me to “List people you would like to meet.” No one comes to mind because I’ve met all the people I want to.  So I changed the title to “List DEAD people you would like to meet.”  Here we go:

1.  Hunter S. Thompson, because I’m p.o.’d at him.  He went too early and I’d love to know what he thinks of the current administration.  I’d love to read more road stories, more campaign stories, more just-anything stories.  But the main reason I’m mad?  He never met ME.  So you blew it, Hunter.  Because I know as hard and crotchety you are, I could have made you laugh.

So, if I were to meet him, I’d run up and tell him off.  Then I’d give him a great big bear hug and run gleefully away as he tells me to get the hell away from him.  Pure bliss.

2.  Waylon Jennings, because I never introduced him to my daughter Holly.  He has a son named Buddy.  Since Waylon was with Buddy Holly the night he died, I always thought the names of our children were bits of pure planned coincidence.  If one was to open the dictionary to MAN, you’d see Waylon’s picture.

The only question I’d ask:  “How come you quit drugs and clocked out early when Willie Nelson is alive and higher than the Mir space station?”

3.  George Harrison, just so I could ask God why he took away this quiet soul so early.  When George left, he still left a spirit around in the air, like when you shake talcum powder and some of it still floats and lingers before it silently falls to the ground.

I’d ask, “What impression would you most want us to remember?”  And I’d leave it at that, because I can’t begin to answer.

the looks on our faces: my favorite picture

Today, Plinky asks to share my favorite photo of myself. I chose this one with my husband.

This photo’s my favorite because Tim was reluctant to have it taken at first, but it became the best photo of us together. It’s not one of those staged shots where you sit thinking, “C’mon! Take the picture!” with a plastic smile posted to your face. This photo reveals the looks we have on our faces most of the time.

We took this photo at my nephew’s wedding–the same nephew who asked all the women to dance at our wedding over 18 years ago. My youngest daughter took his place by running out on the dance floor and boogie-ing with anyone who was out there. I ran out there after her, of course, and danced to every song from Neil Diamond to Lady GaGa.

Tim and my older daughter sat at their table, quiet, playing games and taking pictures with their iPods, just like a typical day in the Jones household.

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you can never learn less

Bucky Fuller biography

My greatest achievement is now, this evening, as I enjoy a Fudgesicle. I helped my older daughter catch up with her homework after a bout of strep throat. I also helped my youngest daughter catch up with her homework since she switched charter schools last week.

I was more than happy to go from homeschooling one day a week to three if it meant my daughter wouldn’t overload her senses from an ever-growing classroom due to increasing California charter school enrollment. To any government head cheese who thinks getting rid of charter schools in California is a good thing, bite me.

My greatest achievement is peace of mind. I know that if one daughter who has a plethora of doctor appointments misses class, she won’t get behind because home school is a part of her learning. I know how to catch her up. I know that if the other daughter who doesn’t do well with so many kids in one room will succeed in a smaller classroom because that option is out there.

This morning when I volunteered in the classroom I heard the teacher tell her students, “We aren’t here to cheat or just write down the answers. We aren’t here to get the work done as fast as possible. You don’t know everything. I’m almost 31 years old and I don’t know everything. You are here to learn.”

It’s like what R. Buckminster Fuller said: “You can never learn less, you can only learn more.”

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