you can never learn less

Bucky Fuller biography

My greatest achievement is now, this evening, as I enjoy a Fudgesicle. I helped my older daughter catch up with her homework after a bout of strep throat. I also helped my youngest daughter catch up with her homework since she switched charter schools last week.

I was more than happy to go from homeschooling one day a week to three if it meant my daughter wouldn’t overload her senses from an ever-growing classroom due to increasing California charter school enrollment. To any government head cheese who thinks getting rid of charter schools in California is a good thing, bite me.

My greatest achievement is peace of mind. I know that if one daughter who has a plethora of doctor appointments misses class, she won’t get behind because home school is a part of her learning. I know how to catch her up. I know that if the other daughter who doesn’t do well with so many kids in one room will succeed in a smaller classroom because that option is out there.

This morning when I volunteered in the classroom I heard the teacher tell her students, “We aren’t here to cheat or just write down the answers. We aren’t here to get the work done as fast as possible. You don’t know everything. I’m almost 31 years old and I don’t know everything. You are here to learn.”

It’s like what R. Buckminster Fuller said: “You can never learn less, you can only learn more.”

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  1. Lynne Bolinger · October 9, 2010

    I have my own version of that…with self-esteemed, pumped teens, it’s more like

    You don’t know everything. If you always ‘mess up’ their, there and they’re and still feel good about yourself, well, they taught this to you in 3rd grade. So, DON’T feel good about y ourself. Two choices: learn them or don’t use them. Otherwise, you broadcast to the world that you are not as smart as a 3rd grader. (They frown at this)


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