3 dead people I want to meet

The book My Listography: My Amazing Life in Lists asks me to “List people you would like to meet.” No one comes to mind because I’ve met all the people I want to.  So I changed the title to “List DEAD people you would like to meet.”  Here we go:

1.  Hunter S. Thompson, because I’m p.o.’d at him.  He went too early and I’d love to know what he thinks of the current administration.  I’d love to read more road stories, more campaign stories, more just-anything stories.  But the main reason I’m mad?  He never met ME.  So you blew it, Hunter.  Because I know as hard and crotchety you are, I could have made you laugh.

So, if I were to meet him, I’d run up and tell him off.  Then I’d give him a great big bear hug and run gleefully away as he tells me to get the hell away from him.  Pure bliss.

2.  Waylon Jennings, because I never introduced him to my daughter Holly.  He has a son named Buddy.  Since Waylon was with Buddy Holly the night he died, I always thought the names of our children were bits of pure planned coincidence.  If one was to open the dictionary to MAN, you’d see Waylon’s picture.

The only question I’d ask:  “How come you quit drugs and clocked out early when Willie Nelson is alive and higher than the Mir space station?”

3.  George Harrison, just so I could ask God why he took away this quiet soul so early.  When George left, he still left a spirit around in the air, like when you shake talcum powder and some of it still floats and lingers before it silently falls to the ground.

I’d ask, “What impression would you most want us to remember?”  And I’d leave it at that, because I can’t begin to answer.


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