generation of say that again? hunter thompson on letterman

22 years ago, Hunter Thompson published the book Generation of Swine about the 1988 Presidential Campaign.  This video is from what I think is an interview with David Letterman.  Thompson brings his hat and jacket with him on stage (probably because there was something in them he could get arrested for).

Letterman never asked why his fingers were in a splint.  The only question Thompson answered was about him speaking at a Catholic university in Milwaukee where he asked if you believe George Bush is a guilty politician then invite him up on stage to stomp him to death.  The secret service came after him the next day.  At least I think that’s what he said.

Thompson lives up to the Ernest Hemingway quote, “A writer must write what he says. Not speak it.”

If anyone talented with transcribing Thompson speak is reading this, please let me know.


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