hobos: a poem

our fluffy who isn't so fluffy

My daughter says a Maltese is combination wolf and bunny rabbit.

She named him Fluffy though I wanted

Falcon – my clever play on words.

Or Henry, the name I wanted for a

boy though I had two girls.

Or Boo-Boo, my nickname for my brother

whose passing made me stand there with Fluffy

in my arms that day.

One day he brought home Missy, a Cocker

Spaniel whom he laid at my feet while I washed

dishes.  I jumped to see a brown lump of fur who

looked like Lady in that Disney movie.  A

pedigree, he said.

Before that it was Baron who hobbled

around on a broken leg.  Before him, there was

Blackie who stood with paws on my brother’s

shoulders as he waved his hand in front of

his face symbolizing rank breath.

In our lives for just a few moments like

travelers hopping off trains, asking for food, then

on their way to the next destination.


One comment

  1. Lu Ann · December 20, 2010

    Your daughter is very clever, I agree with her! I had never thought of dogs like that 🙂 Don´t worry, he´ll get more fluffy 🙂


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