my favorite landmark: orson welles birthplace

Foto von Orson Welles, bei seiner Aufnahme fue...

Image via Wikipedia

During a trip to my hometown Kenosha last week, I asked my friend Dave to stop in front of the birthplace of Orson Welles.

I had been there before in a round-about way like a vision quest.  I asked a librarian for the address and walked around town with a friend getting lost ’til we finally said, “Mr. Welles, please direct us!” And just like it happens in the movies, we found it.

This time I had no trouble.  It was like finding my home.  I remembered the spot perfectly.  Dave obliged and snapped the following photos:

The plaque above the address (below) reads, “Orson Welles Birthplace: City of Kenosha Landmark Historic Preservation Commission.”

And finally the house which has been wonderfully maintained:

I had the pleasure of sending these photos to Mr. Welles’ daughter, Chris Welles Feder, who has never been to Kenosha.

To say I’m thrilled to experience the beginning of film history is an understatement.  Welles may have never liked Kenosha, but it doesn’t matter. The city will always take care of him.


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