75 degrees and snow: sculptures in Racine, WI

California is enjoying a heat wave in January: 75 degrees.  It’s practically swimming weather but the ocean is too cold and the pool doesn’t open until May.

Cool off with these works of art I discovered on happenstance while driving with a friend through downtown Racine at Christmas time.  They are made of snow and a few icicles. Don’t get too close, you’ll shoot your eye out.


Look  at those teeth. I forgot how dangerous icicles are when my daughter tried to grab some off the building and they all came tumbling down.  Visions of Ralph in A Christmas Story making up how he shot his eye out with one of these things danced in my head (though it really was the BB gun).

ah! much tamer


cat food!

We leave the kittens and dive deep down in the sea to find fish and flowers.  Or goldfish in a tank with plastic decorations.  Either way the detail is amazing.

king neptune found his crown!

Even deeper in the sea we run into King Neptune.  Thanks to Spongebob and Patrick he found his crown.


where does a pirate sail to? Rrrrrrrrracine

Back up to the surface we find a pirate looking for Belle City (Racine’s former name) on the shores of Lake Michigan.  If he’s a literary pirate, perhaps he writes poetry met with snapping fingers:


how fingers got their groove back

Hey if a bird sat on this hand, will it be worth two in a bush (thanks Geico)?


if the monkey's cheeks melted, is he still cheeky?

Back ashore, we find an organ grinder with his monkey.  I can’t help but think of Mike Myers as “Dieter” and his pet monkey on Saturday Night Live.


for the love of dog

This is my favorite because it tells a story.  Perhaps the cowboy returns home from russlin’ up cattle and his dog spots him walking up the dusty road.  The man kneels, the dog covers him with kisses as the first one to greet him home.  There are no bad days when a dog welcomes us home.


One comment

  1. Lynne Bolinger · January 18, 2011

    Worth a trip to Racine next December!


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