for my uncle rondy

My grandmother with my uncle in the 1920s

My Uncle Berlie Rondal Lassiter passed away last night from heart failure at age 81.  He was a Korean War Veteran, ranked SFC.  And he was father to my cousins Mary and Steve, grandfather to Eric and brother to my mom Uva Nell.

I have memories of him visiting our home in Wisconsin every Saturday bringing newspapers from Kentucky where he and my mother grew up.

When he was a teenager, he went out on a date and my mom, not wanting to miss out on the fun, hid in the trunk of his car. He discovered her not so shortly afterward. Did you know there’s not a lot of air in the trunk of a car?  Ask my mom, she knows.

He graduated from Illinois’s McLeansboro High School in 1949 where he was captain of the volleyball team that went to the state championship.

When a loved one dies, do you ever have a fleeting thought of them before they pass away?  Last night I read to my daughter a story from the magazine Spider. Rondi was the name of the character.  Though I knew Uncle Rondy was sick and we mentioned him in our prayers, that story made him stick in my head when he passed away.

May he rest in peace with full honors at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Union Grove, WI.



  1. Annette Story · February 8, 2011

    Very nice post. We’ll be praying for the family.


  2. Perry · November 29, 2011

    I knew your Uncle Rondy. I worked with him when I was a young man at the Kenosha airport. He was a very kind man. I was saddend to hear of his passing. I am sorry for your loss.


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