Bootsy Bansfield Reporting

Bootsy Bansfield, the intrepid TV reporter, is out for the shock of her life when she steps into the crowd of animal rights protesters.

“What’s that lipstick on your face?” asks one angry picketer holding a sign that reads MAC IS MURDER!.

“Um, I don’t know, Blissful Ignorance I think?


Bootsy asks for a Kleenex from her cameraman. As she tries to wipe her lips, they go live while protesters loot a salon and whip cosmetics at Bansfield.

“Here we are at Boppin Betty Boop’s, the salon that not only admits to but advertises animal testing,” reports Bootsy. “Oh look! PETA is burning the poster of bunnies and chimps wearing mascara. Ouch! STOP THAT!”

Bootsy just got hit with a mega plastic cosmetic kit. She picks it up and studies it. “Okay, c’mon people! Fifty Shades of Grey Eye Shadow really hurts! Back to you at the studio!”


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